About us - Sure-Trip Safaris

The team members at Sure-Trip Safaris want to assure you visiting Tanzania is a once a lifetime adventure because of what the country has to offer. Therefore expect the Greats!

It is our aim at SureTrip Safaris to provide you with the highest standard safari services and ensure you have an enjoyable and memorable experience on your visit. The information we provide will guide you in planning your safari trip. We have therefore included extensive samples of safari itineraries and accommodation range to give you the widest choice and flexibility.  The safari packages can be taken as shown however, as mentioned below, safari tour packages are custom made and these will very much depend on your time and budget. 

The safaris are prepared by safari experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in the business to ensure your expectations are met. Some of the input comes from the well trained and experienced guides, who are very knowledgeable of the wilderness, geography and people. On your tanzania safari expect a responsible and friendly guide who, will not only show you the wildlife but also share his/her knowledge of the animals’ habitat and life style.

Please note the safari packages are tailor made and are designed to meet individual and group needs. These are prepared to incorporate all your specific requirements to ensure that your time is maximised to enable you to fully enjoy your holiday. However, in order to get your quote for a safari package, we need you to give as much information as possible in the provided contact form or call us for further guide.