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Welcome to Tanzania and embark on a journey of discovery.  Here you will find endless plains of the Serengeti, world’s free standing Mt. Kilimanjaro, volcanic craters, the Selous Game Reserve, the largest park in Africa, and much more. Tanzania offers some breathtaking wildlife viewing and over a quarter of the country is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Africa's wilderness and animals. The animals roam freely in their natural environment across large grassland plains sure to give a visitor an up-close and personal wildlife experience.

Safaris to Tanzania are exciting, and full of expectations given its famed and diverse national parks. In the northern part of the country you find the Ngorongoro Crater which has been described as the "Eighth Wonder of the World". The Serengeti Game Reserve is renowned for its wildebeest migration and a place where you are likely to see the "Big 5". The spectacular Lake Manyara National Park became famed for its tree climbing lions, while its soda lake attracts hundreds of pink flamingos. You are also guaranteed to see herds of elephants at the Tarangire National Park and admire its famed huge baobab trees.

Moving on to the southern part of Tanzania is another discovery of rarely visited but equally stunning wildlife where you will find the largest concentration of elephants, zebras, hippos and birds. The vast Selous Game Reserve, among other national parks is located here.

The Zanzibar, Mafia and Pemba islands which are part of the United Republic of Tanzania, lie in the Indian Ocean off the east cost of the mainland. They are popular destination for pristine beaches, diving, snorkeling and mysterious ruins. Many visitors chose to extend their safaris for a relaxing holiday in one of these islands and also experience the exotic Arabic and Bantu cultures.

The country also offers a diversity of cultures with over 120 tribal groups.  Depending on which part of Tanzania you are visiting there is always an opportunity to visit a local community or a village such as the Maasai to learn their way of life and participate in some of their traditions.  Additionally visitors usually enjoy the hospitality of the friendly Tanzanian people.






The packages provided here consist of shorter period safaris from 3 to 7 days duration.  Visitors to the country may be there officially other than holiday, therefore, have the opportunity to:

  • spend time for one or two days of their time game viewing
  • spend time for total relaxation on one of the beautiful pristine white sandy beaches of Zanzibar.


These are some of the popular packages planned for any duration.  Therefore visitors have a choice to:

  • take shorter full packed activity adventure safari
  • take longer duration safari and give themselves plenty of time to explore some of the country's world renowned national parks
  • take a safari combination, starting off with an active safari adventure and end it with a day or two relaxation at one of the pristine sandy beaches before their return.



Low Season
1 Jan to 31 Mar and
1 Nov to 15 Dec

Peak Season
16 Dec to 31 Dec

High Season
1 Jun to 30 Oc